Unlimited free to play!11/09/2010
Full Metal Soccer is now free to play for everyone, the three day limitation is gone! Enjoy playing this crazy game! Sincerely yours, the team at QuantiCode
Server back up and running10/07/2010
Hello folks! The webserver is up and running again, rest is soon to come...
Server downtime 07/30/200807/31/2008
Sorry for any inconvenience you expierienced yesterday and today morning. The servers are up and running again now.
Account Activation07/17/2008
Hotmail and Yahoo somtimes detect the FMS account activation mail as spam, if you experience any problems please contact:
Updated Ranking System07/16/2008
The ranking system has been modified to provide a better handling of canceled matches. Sorry for any inconvenience you encounter because of the changes.
Full Metal Soccer released!07/12/2008
Register and start downloading to play Full Metal Soccer for a free trial period of two days.
New video available07/07/2008
Check out the new Full Metal Soccer video in the game section.